Our Services

We service high-end fashion brands with strategic 3D solutions. From 3D body scanners to 3D virtual fitting online, choose 3D-A-PORTER for a fully integrated approach to your 3D needs.

  • 3D Body Scanning

    3D body scanning technologies have greatly improved in 2013. Scan youself in a booth, from your computer or from your phone…
  • 3D Garments

    Quality 3D Pattern Software allow the visualization of any garment pattern in 3D, based on real fabric characteristics.
  • 3D Virtual Try-On

    Allow customers to virtually try-on clothes, at their own time, in their own sizes and on any connected device.
  • 3D Mirrors

    Your customers can now virtually try-on clothes in the retail shop without having to undress thanks to the use of magic mirrors.