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Lara, Andrea and I held the 3D-A-PORTER™ flag at the 3rd international conference and exhibition on “3D Body Scanning Technologies” in Lugano. This is a small conference (only 200 participants) but the ideas presented are mind-blowing. There was a wide range of topics, from 3D scanning for health and sport, to of course fashion. We met with old and new faces, saw all the presentations, talked to everyone and tried all the technologies on show in the second room. A busy 2 days to say the least.

Presentation Highlights
To me the highlights of the talks were firstly Rightshoes, a service that scans people’s feet (soon via a Phone app!) and then allows shoppers to see if the shoe they want to buy online will fit. Then there were Skytu and MeAlity – they have started to deploy 3D body scanning to consumers in the States and have really interesting ideas on moving forward. At 3D-A-PORTER we’re convinced that consumers need access to their 3D body to make better online buying decision.  These two companies with the PR they have naturally generated and their expected growth prove that there’s a genuine interest in 3D body scanning from consumers and brands. We should thank them for having done our legwork!

Technology Highlights
I’m very happy to report that the partners we have chosen to work with for our first projects (contact us for more info) blew everyone’s mind away – indeed the rendering of clothes and body avatar movement they offer is far higher then anyone elses. As for their 3D scanner, they are currently working on a kinect version of their professional booth, that will not need re-calibration… Go guys!

Then we were also impressed with a light and portable 3D scanner coming from Japan. But I guess the moment when all our jaws dropped was when we were (secretly) shown how to do a body scan via an Iphone or Ipad app… and a few hours later how to do a 3D body scan via a desktop camera. A world of possibilities is opening up.

I was told from various people who have been in the industry for years, that they needed companies like 3D-A-PORTER™, with big ideas and a lot of energy to move the industry forward. That’s what we’re here to do so… bring it on!