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We service high-end fashion brands with strategic 3D solutions. From 3D body scanners to 3D virtual fitting online, choose 3D-A-PORTER for a fully integrated approach to your 3D needs.

  • 3D Body Scanning

    3D body scanning technologies have greatly improved in 2013. Scan youself in a booth, from your computer or from your phone…
  • 3D Garments

    Quality 3D Pattern Software allow the visualization of any garment pattern in 3D, based on real fabric characteristics.
  • 3D Virtual Try-On

    Allow customers to virtually try-on clothes, at their own time, in their own sizes and on any connected device.
  • 3D Mirrors

    Your customers can now virtually try-on clothes in the retail shop without having to undress thanks to the use of magic mirrors.

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We're a young company with an exciting mission: to revolutionise the fashion and uniform manufacturing industries.




Read our reactions to news concerning the 3D body scanning and virtual fitting room industries.

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I didn’t come up with the title of this blog post, it comes from our analytics account: someone typed “Why do we need 3d body scanning?” in Google and found our website. I don’t believe this person could have possible gotten the answer they were looking for while browsing 3d-a-porter.com, so this is my attempt […]

Lara, Andrea and I held the 3D-A-PORTER™ flag at the 3rd international conference and exhibition on “3D Body Scanning Technologies” in Lugano. This is a small conference (only 200 participants) but the ideas presented are mind-blowing. There was a wide range of topics, from 3D scanning for health and sport, to of course fashion. We […]


Invest in the 3D body scanning services of fashion brands

We’re 3D-A-PORTER LTD, a British company founded in March 2012, aiming to provide fashion brands, uniform manufacturers and consumers with a whole set of 3D applications including 3D body scanning, 3D pattern visualisation software, 3D virtual try-on and 3D magic mirrors.

3D-A-PORTER™ is looking for funding to broaden its marketing efforts and accelerate growth. We’re open to offers by angel investors, venture capital firms, and private investors looking to invest in this new and innovative market.


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